Wake County Women's Agenda Assembly

2012 Financial Report

Posted in General by Nancy on December 17, 2012

Income for 2012:

Sponsorships 425
Other Registrations 120

Expenses for 2012:

PayPal Fees 7.65
Food 308.06
Supplies 5.56
Printing 47.59
TOTAL: 368.86

Net: 176.14


  1. There were about 35 people who attended the event (and we purchased lunches for 30). This was smaller than we’d hoped, but there was a lot going on in the fall of 2012 which affected our efforts to publicize the event as well as the priorities of those who might have attended.
  2. We are grateful to the Advocates for Justice for donating the space for the event. This allowed us to drop our registration price from $12 (in 2010-2011) to $10 and still cover our expenses.
  3. The $176.14 was sent to NCWU as a donation.


-Nancy Shoemaker, AAUW Tar Heel Branch (fiscal agent for the project)


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  1. […] One aspect of our finances that is different from other branches is that we maintain a separate account to fund local projects (which must have their income balance their expenses). The only “local group” (defined in our bylaws) to take advantage of this has been Wake County which both co-sponsored a League of Women Voters event and was the fiscal agent for the Wake County Women’s Agenda Assembly. Details of the Wake WAA finances (including a donation to NC Women United, the statewide sponsor of the Agenda Assemblies) are posted on their web site. […]

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